Monday, June 15, 2009

~Cukes - Beets & Flowers~

The cucumbers are starting to produce finally. We grew the little picklers called Diva which are our favorite besides the Lemon, but it will be a while before the Lemon ones to start producing. We got them in later. We had some of the Diva's for dinner tonight. Yummy!

The Beets have gone nuts this year. My husband is very proud of them. Would you belive I haven't had a beet since I was little. My mom use to pickle them, and I wasn't very fond of them back then. We've had several people who have bought them at market recently tell us to try roasting them. I guess I'll have to give it a try, although they still don't look very appetizing to me. ha!
Here's my husband cleaning them....well part of him anyway. He wanted all of them in the photo, and the only way I could was to cut off his head. hahaha!

Here's a few scenes from my perennial garden. I have a lot of things blooming, and a lot of things getting ready to bloom.

We're still trying to get our pathways finished, and I need to get mulch down in my perennial beds. It's been harder this year for both of us. We can't work outside all day like we did last year. We go out in the morning, work for a few hours, come in and rest. Go out after lunch, work for an hour or so, then come in and rest. hahaha! least we're still able to garden, and we both do still love it.

Happy Gardening!
Till next time,

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basketsnprims said...

Terri ~
I have to admire your veggies but your perennial gardens are just breathtaking. I'm in awe. I really need some tips from you on what to grow. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.