Sunday, April 19, 2009

~Garden Art~

Wow! Two posts in one day! I forgot to share my new garden art for this year. They will go in my perennial garden. I love finding old things too, and have a couple of old plows, and an old gate post. I'm always looking for something new or old to add.

My SIL gave this to me for Christmas this year. I just love it! It looks pretty shiny because I put an extra coat of indoor/outdoor varnish on it so maybe it will last longer.

We've had some pretty nice days, so I divided, and moved several perennials that have been needing it. My muscles were screaming last night, but better today. I guess it's good we'll have a few more rainy days so they will get a little rest.
My tulips are blooming, and it's a cheery site even though it's dreary out.

Happy Gardening!
Till next time,

~Making Progress~

I didn't mean to let so much time pass by. We've been busy, busy taking care of our seedlings, and planting in the garden. We put 100 broccoli plants in the ground the second week of April...a week late, but the weather has not been cooperating. Peas have been in a while and are about 14 in. high. We put the trellis up for them in the misty rain today. Three more days of rain, then a warm up is due. I'll probably be complaining because we need rain soon.
With this being only our 3rd year for doing Farmers Markets, we're still trying to get a planting schedule down.
Here's some photos of what's growing...

Lettuce and Swiss Chard -

Cukes & Squash -

Spinach -

I sold a lot of flower bouquets last year, so I started a lot more Zinnia's - 60 plants. Also more Snap dragons, Strawflower, Blue statice, Ageratum, Frosted Explosion Grass, and Cardinal Basil which is suppose to be an pretty red ornamental basil.

We didn't heat our greenhouse at night this year, but everything seemed to thrive regardless. If the temps were going to be too cold, we put lids on the containers, and covered everything with frost cloth. We haven't lost anything, so it has worked out great.

Till next time,