Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~Nasturtiums & Coneflowers~

Things are really starting to bloom now that June is here. I've yet to get my beds mulched, and I still have my market sunflowers I need to plant. I'll be behind the other vendors with selling them this season, although they don't grow the same type I do. I grow the Pro-Cut type that is sold for the flower industry. They have a sturdier stalks, and the blooms are simply gorgeous.
I've been fighting allergies for the past 3 weeks with a sore throat, swollen eyes, and oh my gosh, I've sneezed so much I feel like my brains have leaked out. I haven't had much of an appetite, and no energy at all to go out and plant. I'm on my second package of sinus meds, and I am feeling much better today. Keep your fingers crossed this will be the end of it.

I started some Nasturtiums in the hoop house this spring right in hanging baskets, with the intention of selling them at market. They didn't get there. I love them so much I kept all four of them.
This one is called Lipstick. The flowers are larger than the regular ones, and are double blooms. I will definitely grow this one again next year. I've added a Bacopa plant - Snowflake - with them.

This one is Empress of India with Bacopa.

Coneflowers are one of my favorite perennials. They bloom all summer long, and my butterflies love them.

Here's some that's blooming now.

Our Farmer's Market is going great! We've sold twice as much as we did at this time last year, so we're really encouraged and happy about it.
I didn't make it last week since I was down with my allergies. My poor husband had to man the booth all by himself and he said it was the busiest day ever. It was also our most profitable day ever. We had picked a bushel of Snap peas to take...those sold out within the first hour. He also sold all of the Beets, Swiss Chard, Spring onions, and almost a whole case of his Pickled Peppers he canned last fall.
If there is ever another time I can't be there, we're going to have to get someone to help him out. Poor guy came home and collapsed in his recliner and slept for 2 hrs. ha!

That's about it for now!
Happy Gardening!


basketsnprims said...

Terry ~
As always your flowers are gorgeous. I'm glad to hear you are so busy this year ~ your poor hubby. I sure hope you get feeling better ~ that sinus stuff & allergies are just plain miserable. Have a great week.

Millie said...

After leaving a message at your other blog, I found your garden blog. Our little OARDC Mid-week farmer's market is just a fledgling, but as the word gets out, more people are coming. We are pretty encouraged and excited. I did not expect to even pay for the market space, but have been able to do that and have a little left. I sell out most of my "garden excess"..I need more produce. More strawberries...but it all I can do to pick the ones I had. LOL I wish I had had a bushel of snap peas yesterday!!