Monday, February 23, 2009

~More 2008 Garden Photos~

I've been going through my perennial garden photos from last year to see what I need to move due to crowding, or which plants I don't like together.
Thought I'd share a some more photos.

We have broccoli, and onions sprouting, and I started some Aster's a few days ago, and some of them are coming up. My hubby winter sowed the broccoli, his first time trying it, and he's very excited when he saw the sprouts. None of my winter sowed perennials are showing signs of life yet.
We have all the herbs sowed, and next we'll start tomatoes. First Farmers Market is May 2nd this year. I hope we're ready.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~February Dreams~

Welcome to my garden blog!
On this bitter cold, snowy Feb. day, I'm dreaming of my garden. Seeds have been started, plans drawn up, so it won't be long now. We're gearing up for a bigger summer market season. Although our market does carry on the third Sat. during the winter months, we only participated once, selling pickled peppers. We have plans to use our new greenhouse as a growing tunnel next year to extend our season. It was too late in the fall to put it up then, so that will be a new project this spring. We're anxious to get started.

Since there is nothing to show right now except for little seedlings under the grow lights, I'm posting some photos from our 2008 garden...and dreaming of spring.

Come back and visit again soon.