Monday, May 11, 2009

~Spring Blues~

It seems most of the first perennials to bloom every spring are my garden anyway. I love blues in the garden, especially next to yellows and oranges. But right now seeing these first blooms makes me realize that pretty soon my garden will be in full bloom.

Lupines -

Johnson's Blue Geraniums -

My Nigellas are getting heads on them so they will be opening up soon too. Another plant I adore. I dry the seed heads for arrangements and baskets.

Now, I know this isn't blue, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Blood Grass with the light shining through it.

Our second market was a success. We sold really well, in spite of the winds that caused a disaster. We decided to put up one of the side curtains on our tent to block the wind from the tomato plants we had for sale. We knew it was suppose to be quite windy, but didn't realize that our county would experience wind gusts between 55 to 60 mph. The side curtain acted like a sail, and as the tent flew up, my husband grabbed the center of it to keep it from tipping over into our neighbor. That saved the tent, but the table with tomatoes flipped over, and what a mess! We lost 10 of them. I'm just glad nobody was inside our tent at that time so they didn't get hurt! We have 6 in. pvc pipes filled with cement that we attach with bungy cords to each leg, then they are strapped around the leg so they don't 'bounce'. That's 35 lbs. on each leg, and the wind still picked it up like it was nothing. It was pretty scary!
What was heartwarming though was that several of the vendors came over and helped get the table back up, get the tomatoes that were okay situated, and help sweep up the dirt that came out of the containers. We'll have to figure something else out next time the wind is a factor.

Our garden is coming along. Today we got the cucumber trellis up, and we'll get the cukes in the ground tomorrow morning. We're a little late in getting them planted, but with all the rain we've had, it's been impossible. In fact starting Wednesday, it will rain 4 days straight again.
That means the dry days are full and long trying to get things in the ground before it starts up again.

Till next time,
Happy Gardening!


basketsnprims said...

Terry ~
Your blues are beautiful. Too bad about the wind but how nice of your neighboring vendors to help you out. Good luck on Saturday.

Betsy said...

Beautiful flowers. Glad everything worked out at the market. We live on a mountain and I know all about the wind gust. Seems like it gets worse every year.
I'd love to know what kind of cucumbers you grow on a trellis. Will any work? I'm thinking about trying that this year.
Hope you have a great day.