Sunday, May 24, 2009

~A Nice Surprise~

While walking through my garden tonight, I spotted my first Swallowtail Caterpillar in my dill patch. He's already pretty big, so I'll see a beautiful butterfly flying around my garden soon.

I also had a few more blooms open up today. I love this time of year when I go out to the garden and something else is blooming.

Japanese Iris -

Nigella -

Sante Fe Yarrow -

Today I got my bed of Everlastings planted, and tomorrow I'll start putting the 60 Zinnia plants in the ground. They're getting so big they are budding in the greenhouse. We're expecting some rain so hopefully I'll get them planted before it starts. We really do need the rain. It's so funny, a couple of weeks ago, we were getting so much rain, I was praying for it to stop.

Till next time,
Happy Gardening!


basketsnprims said...

What beautiful pictures. We are hoping for rain here, too. Have a great day.

Zaroga said...

Beautiful flowers, Terry. Here... too much rain now :-)