Monday, February 23, 2009

~More 2008 Garden Photos~

I've been going through my perennial garden photos from last year to see what I need to move due to crowding, or which plants I don't like together.
Thought I'd share a some more photos.

We have broccoli, and onions sprouting, and I started some Aster's a few days ago, and some of them are coming up. My hubby winter sowed the broccoli, his first time trying it, and he's very excited when he saw the sprouts. None of my winter sowed perennials are showing signs of life yet.
We have all the herbs sowed, and next we'll start tomatoes. First Farmers Market is May 2nd this year. I hope we're ready.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

You always take the best photos! Everything looks great as usual. I love the phlox in that frist pic. Is it phlox? It looks like the phlox my Mama always grw, but her's was a pruple-blue color. And you know that coneflowers are my favorites! How pretty!

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

I also have to say the coneflowers are one of my favs. I never knew there were so many different ones until you posted pics of them!

Ive got a ? for you. I want to grow sweet annie this yr - when should I start seeds? Last yr I started a bunch of different flower seeds the beginning of March and most didnt make it. My dad has a greenhouse and he has all of his plants started.

basketsnprims said...

Just love looking at your fantastic garden.

Kath said...

Oh Terry, I can already tell, I am gonna LOVE this new blog of yours!!!
I love to garden, and your's look just beautiful!
Your photos are amazing.

Can't wait for more.


Backwoodsprim said...

Wow! I didn't realize you had started this blog too!
Where in the world have I been? LOL!!
These pics are amazing!
As far as my "speech" goes....
I wished you were here to help me!!! :)
As soon as she asked me....I froze and immediately started getting cold feet just thinking about it!
But then I thought, "NO,I'm gonna do this!" I don't know alot of the scientific names of plants and flowers but that will challenge me to do some studying up before I do my presentation.....I have until June to let it worry!
Just kidd'n... :)

Do you have any suggestions for me?
I'd be so gateful to hear them!!
I thought I would order some bee skeps to have one or two varying sizes in my "vignette" and them have some in our booth for sale....
I will be using the plants she has available for sale at her place of course...then ask DH to mmake some
rusty tin top birdhouses and some barnwood or distressed painted little garden benches...not sure how/what type container to use....?
Maybe just a huge clay pot and a couple graduating sizes down from that????
I love the lime green colored sweet potato vine with red geraniums and lovely white Bacopa tucked in....what do yoou think about that combo and what is something else I could add? Maybe something in the color yellow?
I just may be calling you up if that's o.k.???

Oh, before I you take orders on your fabric eggs?
I think they're fabulous! I would like to purchase a set if they are available.....
Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog!! keep having one more thought pop in my head!
We are Buckeye state bound again later today!!
Our DD has a state archery tournament today and by the time we have driven that far...we are nearly half way to the markets and such...
So we thought we might as well go on and do a bit of re-stocking before the three up-coming shows we'll have plus I think I'm going to squeeze a "Spring Has Sprung" open house event in a couple of weeks and DH may do a bit of grilling and have a little customer appreciation lunch to go along with it all!
I told y'all my noggin' doesn't want to shut it's self off to let
me sleep....busy..busy..busy!
Sorry for the book!
I love your beautiful garden pics and can't wait to see what you will wow us with next!
Have a great week pal!